Gratitude Journal–July 10th through the 14th


1. The chance to be candid with my supervisor

2. Being told that I’m doing a good job at my job, even when it feels like I’m overwhelmed

3. Payday, for which I’m always grateful!

4.  A good class

5.  Getting rid of stuff we don’t need anymore

6. Living in a place with a pool, where we can swim whenever we want.

7.  Watching some good Shakespeare this weekend

8.  A great church service

9.  A delicious supper at a local greek restaurant.

10.  Buying some wonderful new clothes!

11.  Finding some great scrapbook paper for the wedding scrapbook!

12. feeling hope in general!

13.  A job interview on Tuesday!

A Tale of Two Sisters: Romantic Marianne

marianneA few weeks ago, I wrote a short article about my favorite Jane Austen book, Sense and Sensibility.  I wrote mostly about Elinor, the eldest sister, and perhaps sounded as though I was looking a the younger Dashwood sister less than favorably.  But the truth is, I LOVE Marianne.  While I adore Elinor and I admire her common sense and her ability to think with her head rather than her heart I can’t help but love Marianne in equal measure.

Marianne is the romantic sister, the one who has her head in the clouds.  Marianne is that aspect of all of us who longs to be carried off into the sunset by the dashing prince.  She is the hopeful, idealistic sister, even in the face of evidence that is contrary to her beliefs.  She believes in love and happy endings, and as Elinor says in the film adaptation of  Sense and Sensibility, “Marianne does not approve of hiding her emotions. In fact, her romantic prejudices have the unfortunate tendency to set propriety at naught.”

While I’d like to think that I have Elinor’s common sense, there is also that  Marianne side to me as well.  It’s not that I don’t love being a romantic idealist, but such ideas can get a person into trouble, as we all know when the dashing Willoughby acts less than honorably.   Marianne thinks with her heart–and  our hearts don’t always  coincide with the real world around us.  It’s not always a person either–sometimes our ideals can be shattered by circumstances that don’t match what we had hoped to see.  Our ideals can also clash with the beliefs and opinions of others, clouding our own perceptions.  And yet, even knowing this, I wouldn’t trade my romanticism for anything in the world.  It is this same romantic idealism that allows me to dream and to consider possibilities, even if those possibilities turn into bad ideas or situations rather than good ones.

Marianne’s romanticism allows her to be openly affectionate and warm with other people.  When chastised by Elinor for being too forthcoming in her feelings for Willoughby during their first meeting, she responds, “It is not time or opportunity that is to determine intimacy;—it is disposition alone. Seven years would be insufficient to make some people acquainted with each other, and seven days are more than enough for others.”  As someone who loves people, I admire this quality in Marianne.  At the same time, I understand the need for caution  when forming relationships with other people–it’s important and advisable to get to know others and to maintain good boundaries.

Elinor and Marianne are symbolic of two different virtues–that of realism, and that of idealism.  It’s a wonderful example of what can happen when either of these virtues is carried to an extreme.  For instance, a woman with too much common sense, and too little romance, may be unable to envision all the possibilities, all the options that could be available to her.  LIkewise a woman who is too much of an idealist, too much of a dreamer, might not have the ability to focus her attention in such a way that she can truly achieve those dreams she holds most dear.  Personally, I don’t think you can be complete without having at least a little of “Elinor” and a little of “Marianne” within.



Gratitude Journal July 3rd-9th

Today I was grateful for:

1.  My class being canceled for the evening, giving me a chance to start my four day weekend earlier than planned!

2. Four days that I can call my own and get a breather from that crazy job of mine!

3.  A job interview that I think went pretty well.

4. Getting stuff done at work.

5.   Time to go through stuff and get ready for circulation day!

6.  A delicious dinner at the Bonefish Grill!

7.  Watching some new True Blood shows!

8.  Turning in early.

9.  Seeing the Lone Ranger over the weekend

10.  Swimming!

11.  Surviving a one day illness on Sunday

12. No meetings on a Monday.

13. Getting more stuff ready for circulation day!

14. Working on our wedding scrapbook!

15. Getting caught up at work.

16.  Having a good dinner and not having to cook tonight!

17.  Listening to good Mediterranean Music!

18.  Not calling Yahoo and screaming at them.

19.  The chance to get more stuff out of the house!


Gratitude Journal, July 2nd

Today I was grateful for:

1.  Getting some really important things done at work today.

2.  Some delicious grass fed avocado burgers for supper!

3.  My husband getting another job interview set for tomorrow!

4. Getting through my dental appointment and getting it finished!

5. Just being home feels wonderful–and looking forward to some time off at the end of the week!

June 28th Gratitude Journal

fireflies 2


Today, I was mostly grateful for surviving this crazy week!  But there were a few other things I was grateful for as well:

1.  Friday….it’s always good!

2. A wonderful barbecue and cookout with dear, dear friends!

3.  A beautiful evening with a fire and the stars

4.  The chance to laugh and enjoy the company of friends.

5.  FIreflies and Fireworks!


Today I was grateful for:

1.  Buying new pictures for our wedding scrapbook!

2. Getting lots done at work today!

3. Supper at Cheeseburger Paradise

4.  Getting our grocery shopping done

5.  Getting some new kitchen gadgets that will be extremely helpful!