A Day in the Loess Hills


As many people who know me can attest, I love road trips.  I enjoy the chance to travel and visit places I’ve never seen and have wonderful new experiences.  It’s June and everyone is traveling, so the cost of gas isn’t cheap.  However, I have a wonderful little day trip idea for you that won’t cost a lot of money in gas, and has some charming stops along the way.  It’s just a short distance from Omaha, and it’s the “Living Loess” tour through the Loess Hills.

We enjoyed a visit to the Honey Creek Creamery in Honey Creek, Iowa.  They have delicious goat cheese, along with other products.  We bought the Cranberry Horse Radish cheese, and the Smoky Aleppo Pepper Cheese.  We bought packages for ourselves, and also a gift for Kevin’s dad for Father’s day tomorrow.   Both cheeses would be a wonderful addition to a wine tasting, or even as a simple snack.  Here is a link to their website:  www.honeycreekcreamery.com .

Next, we visited the Loess Hills Lavender Farm, just five miles outside of Missouri Valley.  The  scent of Lavender, as we walked up to the small gift shop, was intoxicating and wonderful. We bought some lavender soap, lotion and body butter there, and also enjoyed lavender cookies and lavender lemonade.  Kevin was welcomed by a very cuddly, very friendly farm cat, and the people who grow the lavender are really nice people.  We will definitely be back again, hopefully with Kevin’s mom and a caravan of friends as we know many people would enjoy it! The website there is:  www.loesshillslavender.com

Our favorite place was the last location we visited–it was the Aronia Berry Sawmill Hollow Family farm.  We tasted Aronia Berry Wine and it was delicious with a lovely complexity of flavors.  We bought a bottle of wine along with some Aronia Berry salsa for Kevin’s dad, and some salad vinaigrette for ourselves.   We also made friends with another feline, a very fat, furry cat named Elvis who was lazily enjoying the summer day.  The Website there is:  www.sawmillhollow.com

We had a wonderful day, and we plan to take this same tour again soon with good friends who we know will appreciate it! It’s a great reminder that you don’t have to go far for some fun, fresh new experiences or entertainment.  There are many opportunities mere minutes from Omaha.  There are even some friendly felines to become acquainted with! I highly recommend the tour to anyone who might want to leave the city for awhile, and enjoy what the Loess Hills Country has to offer!


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