Gratitude Journal July 3rd-9th

Today I was grateful for:

1.  My class being canceled for the evening, giving me a chance to start my four day weekend earlier than planned!

2. Four days that I can call my own and get a breather from that crazy job of mine!

3.  A job interview that I think went pretty well.

4. Getting stuff done at work.

5.   Time to go through stuff and get ready for circulation day!

6.  A delicious dinner at the Bonefish Grill!

7.  Watching some new True Blood shows!

8.  Turning in early.

9.  Seeing the Lone Ranger over the weekend

10.  Swimming!

11.  Surviving a one day illness on Sunday

12. No meetings on a Monday.

13. Getting more stuff ready for circulation day!

14. Working on our wedding scrapbook!

15. Getting caught up at work.

16.  Having a good dinner and not having to cook tonight!

17.  Listening to good Mediterranean Music!

18.  Not calling Yahoo and screaming at them.

19.  The chance to get more stuff out of the house!


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