Gratitude Journal, June 14, 2013

Keep Calm and Carry On

Lately, I haven’t been so great about keeping up my Gratitude journal.  Not that it’s an excuse, but I’ve been pretty busy with the whole Masters in Counseling, Wedding Planning and overwhelming, bewildering, confusing black hole of change at my job.  But, as I reflect on all of these things, and how harried I’ve felt the past year, I realize that my outlook is much healthier when I do keep a gratitude journal.  So, here it goes.

Today I was grateful for:

1.  The really nice colleague who helped me out at work today by offering to finish something I couldn’t on a program I don’t have access to.  It instantly took away so much stress!

2.  The joy of a new haircut, which I’ve been wanting for awhile–it brought some curl and bounce back to my hair!

3.  Spending a great date night with my husband and watching “Man of Steel” with him–it was a great movie!

4.  Coming home before the storm started, and listening to the wind blow a gale from the safety of our apartment.

5.  Finally, the fact that the weekend is here!  I can’t express how incredibly joyful and happy I am to have some free time–and I’m looking forward to a small day trip to a lavendar farm tomorrow–if the weather cooperates.  Here’s hoping!

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